【POK OI X RAZER】Donates 5,000 Masks to HK Disadvantaged

Razer (01337.HK) announced that it has donated 5,000 surgical masks to charity group PokOi Asia together with iMeddy – an online medical startup in Hong Kong. Razer has adjusted the production lines to manufacture masks and have acquired masks from other channels then donate to people in need. The first batch of 5,000 masks shipped to Hong Kong have already passed to iMeddy and PokOi Asia. The Funding is aim to send masks to the Grassroots” event was co-organized by PokOi Asia.

In early of April, Razer, together with multinational real estate company Frasers Property, Asian shared office space brand JustCo Global, and machine and industrial solution provider PBA Group, to set up an automated mask production line in Singapore to help Southeast Asian countries fight for the epidemic. All masks are manufactured in Singapore and meet international standards. It is estimated that millions of certified masks can be produced each month.

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